We have all been there, those of us with kids that is. The trolly dashing exercise with a screaming toddler and some disapproving looks from strangers which you know are wondering why we can’t keep our toddler under control.

But as you know as a parent, that isn’t quite so easy at times, so what can you do to help save that temper tantrum? Just remember although we would like to think that it’s us, in fact it’s our toddler that’s the boss! Yep, as far as being tired, hungry or bored this is something they have full control over, so if you plan ahead where possible these three areas then you have more chance in getting through the trolley dash in once piece. Here’s 3 tips that might help.

1. Timing. Get your day organised around your toddler where possible. If he’s tired is it not best to wait an hour or two after he has had a nap and is refreshed before you food shop? Or should you plan it first thing in the morning when he is awake and very lively? Or if he is hungry then get him fed and watered or perhaps go to the cafe beforehand for a quick snack before the battle ground of food shopping?

2. Here’s a great t002_thumb.jpgip from a mum that used to come to one of my classes. She laminated photos of lots of usual stuff that she would regularly buy like apples, etc., and then used the “supermarket” experience as a learning activity for her toddler, and a “treasure hunt” in finding and naming different items. Just make sure to allow extra time though for this exercise. There are so many things for your toddler to learn, from colours to counting to naming the items.
3. ¬†Perhaps have that special “shopping” toy. It could be a cheap book that your toddler doesn’t get to see very often. Have it tucked in your handbag, or keep it in the car. Something that will grab his interest for 5 minutes perhaps. So, perhaps start with the treasure hunt around the vegetables, quickly move to the canned goods, and if he starts looking like he might get a bit tearful, whip out a book or small toy and quickly move onto the other isle. It’s worth having a plan beforehand as to what are the main items you need to buy, grab those first and any extra time you can use for the more non essential items if you find your toddler is still “ok”.

Oh and good luck, it’s not for long and before you know it, your toddler will have grown up and looking for his first summer job which might even be in that super market ¬†and in a blink you will wonder where all that time has gone. Do let me know how you get on with these tips. Have you any others that you have tried and found useful? Please share your shopping experience below, as I would love to hear from you.


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