Wondering how to help your child through music?

Child development is a concern of every parent. Are you wondering how to help your child with their development?  We all want the best for our children but sometimes parents are unsure where to start. I am often asked for ideas on helping their child especially when using music. Here are my 7 top tips on ways to engage your baby or toddler and help their child development through music.

I hope you will find them useful. Being a busy parent with a million and one things to do, I totally understand where you are coming from. So, perhaps just doing one for these a day will be a great help with your baby or toddler’s development. It will ease the pressure for you too so that at least you are not feeling guilty if you are trying to keep on top of things.

Before you start

Before you start, always make sure both of you are in a comfortable position  Wear loose clothing, and make sure your little one is not tired or hungry. I personally believe we learn better through fun. If things feel like a chore then hey why do them?  Try and be fully in the moment though when you are planning structured play. There is no point in thinking about that pile of ironing etc., when your little one wants you to talk and listen to them.

7 TopTips

1. Young babies love security, so lots of cuddles and having them face you so they see your mouth movements. Rock them back and forth and sing to them. Your baby loves to hear your voice regardless of whether or not you sing in tune! For toddlers, they enjoy a bit more rough and tumble and going upside down. Have them sitting on your lap and row your boat till they “fall” upside down.


2. With your daily routines, have fun with your baby or toddler by placing them in the middle of the bed and playing pee-a-boo. With a light bed cover obviously make sure they don’t suffocate or feel scared but enjoy it as a game. Be careful not to leave your child on their own unattended even for a moment.  They could so easily fall off the bed before you blink.


3. As your baby grows carry them to different places, even from room to room or into the garden and describe what you both are looking at. Babies are far more clever than we can imagine and understand a lot more than they can say. Make up songs about things you see.

Here are some more ..

4. Teach your child about different sounds and textures. Go into the kitchen and grab some wooden spoons and metal sauce pan lids to make one kind of sound. Then swap it with a metal spoon, and encourage your little one to make some noise. Teach them loud and soft sounds, and with different textures, plastic, metal, and wood, lots of different sounds can be created.


5. If they have collected some toy animals, then spend time playing with them and singing Old McDonald had a farm. This song can be used as a naming game song, and not just used for animals. It can be a great way to boost your child’s language by encouraging them to say the animal or object that is on the farm.


6. Use music as a game, taking turns to play or shake your shaker. By taking turns this is the building blocks of communication, as after all we all take turns when we have conversations with each other.


7. Encourage your child’s communication by singing the start of a well known nursery rhyme that they are familiar with, and try to get them to sing the end part of the song.


Keep it fun

Keep it fun, keep it simple, and most of all enjoy as these moments pass all too quickly. Do please comment and let me know if there are any other tips you could share with other parents or indeed if any of these tips have worked.
By for now , Joan x

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