Baby music classes are a fantastic introduction to music for your baby. Are you aware of the fantastic benefits of introducing music to your child at an early age? Not only will it help your baby with their development but Boogie Babies is all about having fun whilst learning. Have that special time with your very young baby (age from 6 weeks to around 15 months) . The classes are all about making friends and new experiences for both you and your baby. Meeting like minded parents and sharing ideas. These classes are also a great way to help your child on their first musical learning journey, feeling supported in a safe friendly environment.  Grand parents bring their grand child too and it’s great for both of them. Coming to Boogie Babies can be a life line in getting out and seeing other families.

What’s The Benefit?

It is amazing how much babies learn and develop in these baby classes and lots of ideas to take away and try at home. It is a great way to form friendships with like minded parents and help bonding with your baby. Groups are deliberately kept small and personal, for individual attention (maximum 10 babies).

The structured classes encourage early social skills, speech development, and movement as they copy other babies. There is bouncing, clapping, lots of instruments, parachute and some sensory play. The session changes every week, although some songs are repeated, repetition being so vital at this age.

Structured Play

We finish with a goodbye song, and soon they recognise that we have finished and start to wave…
It’s hard to describe the session without seeing it first hand and watching the reactions of the babies, and how they respond.

Although the sessions are just half an hour long, it’s fast moving and enough for them to keep their attention. Many parents comment on how their little one just falls fast asleep shortly after the class. After all that brain gym activity! Each of the different parts of the session are structured to help your baby’s development in different area. For example when they face you and watch your mouth movement, it is helping their speech. The bouncing songs will help their rhythm (as will the percussion instruments). Dancing is extremely important too in helping with spatial awareness which they will experience when you are holding them and dancing.

Start As Young As 6 Weeks!

It is recommended to start Boogie Babies as early as possible. Babies are able to respond as young as 6 weeks old! One of their first senses to develop is hearing and rhythm (they have heard your heart beat whilst inside the womb). They are ready to learn and it is the best time in their development stage to come along. Music is fun but it is also good for the brain. Research has shown that it is the one thing that uses both sides of the brain and helps the brain make lots of connections.

Baby Needs Feeding

If you are concerned that your baby will need feeding, don’t worry you can come a bit early before the class (or if you are feeding on demand then it is ok to feed during the class or in the kitchen if you prefer.) Should your baby falls asleep before the class, come along anyway as the music tends to wake them up and they get distracted and join in and fall back asleep afterwards.

Various music baby classes are run in Uttoxeter in Staffordshire. What are you waiting for? Get in touch because before you know it your baby will be a toddler and then ready for school, so don’t miss this chance before it’s too late. Contact me below to book a space.

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