This was a question put to me by one of our lovely mums that comes to music. Yes, it is great that she is singing to her little one, having fun and certainly this is all helping with bonding. Research shows that if you encourage your child to listen to different types of music, i.e. pop, rock, heavy, classical, country, Irish, and lots more (wow there are so many different types of fab music !!) then you’re child will grow up to have an appreciation of whatever music they have been exposed to.

But how is that helping their speech?….or is it?
Well, again looking at research, and speaking to Speech and Language Therapists, I recently discovered that there is a building block to speech and children follow a particular pattern in learning certain sounds like sh.. and that is why nursery rhymes are so important, as these “special” types of songs have the repetition required to help with speech.

Yes, have the radio on, sing to your child like there is no tomorrow….make up silly songs… spin them around the room and have fun – just don’t forget the nursery rhymes along the way.

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