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How do you engage your baby or toddler over the summer?

Sometimes summer fun isn’t quite as fun as we might like to think. I bet at times you have been been going stir crazy with your toddler asking “what are we doing today?”. Or that possible “I’m bored” coming from the living room. Perhaps you have recently had a baby and wondering how can you help their development and have a really good fun time with them so they will become more aware of their surroundings? Doesn’t sound much like summer fun.

Summer Fun For Under Ones

  • How about getting some strawberry yoghurt and allowing your baby explore with it on their tray. If you set this up as an activity for summer fun without an end in mind and can have a fun relaxing time in the afternoon then this can be a really great learning activity. OK I know it’s messy and it will go everywhere from their hands to their hair but hey it can be fun and it’s not expensive. If you can join in and talk to your baby explaining what they are doing, then it will help build communication. Even though at this early stage they may not be even talking, they will be understanding.
  • Another great activity for a baby (that is sitting up) is rolling a ball to them This helps in lots of areas of development and is fun

Summer Fun For Over Ones

  • Simply put on some music and dance! Pick your child up and hold them close and spin around. Music is great for you too as it releases endorphins when we sing and dance.
  • Grab a table cloth, and build a den under the table. Children love these hideaway places and you can pretend it’s a cave. Perhaps even have lunch underneath. Some children can get scared and not wary to go under, so test it with your little one as to how can down they want to pull the tablecloth so as not to be scared. Take the lead from your child.

Happy a great summer For more ideas have a browse around my website or try this activity

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