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If you would like to book your young baby or toddler into a class, then please message me below on the contact form, text or call 07751 255409

 I can then check availability and book you straight away if there is a space.

Please let me know which class you wish to book into.

Speak soon, Joan


Message to Joan

Just thought i would send you an email regarding your group and the wonderful effect it has had on Sydney and us. On a personal level I would first like to thank you for how I have been made to feel so welcome. As a father, in what is still a bit of a mum’s world, I have never once felt as if I was out of place or did not belong in a group with no other Dads. That is in part down to you and your upbeat, forthright and inclusive attitude to the group. Thanks Joan.

Sydney has also been hugely effected by attending the group… Here are just a few examples how…

Introducing “quiet time” with soft music that is not just for playing at bed time but also just helps her concentrate and relax.
The “Yes & No” song showing her that there are movements that go along with words that helps her understand us better.
Playing of instruments helping her hand eye coordination, sense of rhythm, and just plain fun
Similar with the dancing (and most important she has a blast!) and the grown ups get the shake to cobwebs away too!
Finally the “Wave Goodbye song”… which we both know is a total failure! He He only joking, it is sure to happen any day now!!
I often find myself at home singing the various songs to Sydney and as a teaching aid it helps her focus lots more.
So thanks again Joan.Kind regards,
Antony plus Heather and little Sydney too! Antony