I caught up with our wonderful daddy (well his girl’s think so anyway) Chris Fox. He is the owner of O.W.L. which stands for Outdoor, Wisedom and Learning, a great place for children as young as three to go along and learn about the great outdoors. Take a peek at his website www.owlcraft.co.uk and as Chris runs things locally (Staffordshire) maybe something to go along to and have an adventure!!!

What one piece of advice would you give to a new dad?
Hope for the best and plan for the worst- and dont expect much sleep for a while!

What was it like the first time you were left alone to look after your daughter without mummy there? Did you cope much better than you thought you would? Do you think you have natural instincts like mummy does? The first time was fine and I have always wanted to be hands on so I was right up for it.  I did cope better than I thought but I do think that dad’s have natural instincts that are different to mothers regardless of the 21st century and equality-that’s why I’m a dad and mum is a mum, we fill each others’ short falls to give the children the best care we can.

Do you think dads get a hard time being a dad? If so what can mummies do to ease the transition into fatherhood?Some dad’s do get a hard time in
some cases but this is usually because they still think that life will still be
the same as it was before the baby was born. They have got to remember that
they now have a little person to look after who needs their help.

Tell me about OWL and why is it good for kids? How did you
become involved with it O.W.L. delivers Wilderness
living skills and Forest School (Wilderness living skills with an academic
tint) to the general public and schools.  It provides participants with
the chance to take part in activities and develop skills in a safe environment.
It re-awakens old traditions and allows them to become more confident,
self-sufficient and positive about life.  This used to be a hobby but now
I am truly fortunate to be making a living from it where I can support my
family with it too.

Have you any hobbies, or things you would like to do once
the girls grow up and you have more time? Watch a film in a single go.

As a former teacher, have you any advice for parents to do
with school, or before school, or for older kids or teaching kids? Personally- make sure that your child is happy at school and then focus on the academic stuff.

Whats your likes and dislikes?
Likes- My family then work.  Dislikes- Selfish and foolish people.

Why do you not like camping….lol…(you don’t have to
answer that)!!! Glamping- what’s the point!!!

Have you been on any scary bush holidays or places?
Not really, but others might have thought that they were.

As its nearly valentines day any romantic ideas or things
to do that daddies to do for mummies?
If you can get a baby sitter than go out for the night!

Thanks Chris…nice to hear what a daddy has to say!!!!

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