Our fabulous daddy of the month is the one and only Tim Laws. The reason I say fabulous is because this poor dad has been slaving over a hot computer in the wee small hours of many a night. He has and is busy trying to get my website out there for everyone to see. Reading one email after another from me asking him “could you just do?”, and “would it be easy to?” which I believe is every male’s nightmare. It must be hard enough for him living with three lovely ladies in his life who probably ask him “can you just..?.” without reading it in his emails!!!

Anyway, I managed catch up with him recently to ask him “could he just….” answer a few questions on being a dad and this is what he had to say….

1. Whats the best bit of being a dad?
Watching your children grow and develop and seeing the effect you’re having on them. Seeing them change from little helpless babies to strong willed, independent children. There’s never a dull moment either and most of it is lots and lots of fun. Not sure I’ve laughed or sung quite as much as I have over the last 4 years!

I’ve also enjoyed seeing them develop a love of music since starting classes with Joan. Having them sing along when I play the guitar and watching them dance to every song they hear ever, no matter where they are, is a joy!

2. Is it hard been the only male in a house full of women?…or do you get spoilt?
I grew up in a single parent household – mum, two sisters and a brother.
So I’m used to being outnumbered by women! It’s not hard in the slightest. I’m spoilt rotten with cuddles, kisses and cakes. However, I imagine that once my girls hit their teenage years, I’ll be in for a rough ride. But by that time  I’ll have an office with a lock on the inside.

3. Whats the best bit of advice you were given that you would pass on to a new first time dad?
Relax and enjoy it. As long as you’re doing everything you can for your children, everything will be fine!  (My own advice would be to get as much sleep as you possibly can pre-birth)

4. When you are not busy on computers and websites what do you like to do with your time?
Not busy with computers or websites?! Not sure what that is….but on the rare occasion I leave my darkened office, I enjoy cooking and gardening. We have a couple of large veg plots in the garden which take quite a bit of work but my eldest daughter is helping with them now (the youngest, if anything, is a hindrance!). Other than that: eating, drinking wine, watching films, playing guitar and listening to music….but an internet connected device or two are never to far away….just in case!

5. What are the most important lessons you have learned in life?
The only thing holding you back is you (as in oneself, not you….obviously!).
Life is far too short for stressing about every little thing (I’ve learned this but pay little attention)

6. What sort of music do you like?
Best described as ecletic as I love most genres of music except metal and prog rock. I grew up hearing lots of English folk and 60s music which I still listen to regularly. Bob Dylan has always been a big favourite and I have an addiction to the Albion Country Band’s Battle of the Field album – well worth a listen!  I’ve got a large collection of Rap and Hip-Hop too but also have an equally large collection of country, jazz, blues, Soul, Rock n Roll, classical etc etc albums.

iTunes shuffles are always interesting! Spotify has made my tastes even more varied….

7. What is your earliest memory?
Crying all the way home from my second day at nursery/pre-school when I was about 3 and a half. I made such a fuss, I didn’t go back. Not the most socialble of creatures even then!

8. How has been a parent changed you?
Having kids seems to be have a calming effect. You become a softer version of the “pre-kids” you. It’s also made me happier. I’ve spent many years dealing with depression and while I’ve had stressful times as a self-employed person, finishing for the day and then playing with the kids or them giving you a cuddle without you asking certainly warms the cockles and makes it impossible not to see the bright side of things.

Physically, more wrinkles, bigger bags under the eyes and a sprinkling of grey hairs. Financially, hit hard (!).

9. How did you get into your line of work?
By chance….I left my soul-destroying council job in 2004 with no plan of what to do next. I’d learnt a few web design basics at my council job, so decided I’d set myself up as a web designer and see if I could get a bit of work while I worked out what to do next. I trawled the internet looking for sites that needed updating, sent them friendly emails telling them I could re-design their websites for them at an affordable rates and to my surprise, a couple of people signed up. All I had to do then was work out how to design an actual website and launch it….!  From there, it snowballed. Over the last 8 years I’ve produced hundreds of websites for a variety of different companies and individuals throughout Europe….including this very one…which is ever so nice, wouldn’t you say?! I’m now working full time as a web developer for the Alive Network, the UK’s largest online entertainment agency.

There is one final question I havn’t asked Tim as yet…..but it needs to be asked…..
Tim, since our next scheme for June will be the seaside and all about boats, please can you add your pirate photo onto the web??? pretty please??……..thanks Tim,(a you can see readers photo attached!)

If anyone would like further information on perhaps getting Tim to create a website for them, just chat to me in class or contact Tim directly. Once again a big thanks Tim for all your hard work and patience !


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