Sometimes I see great moments in time when we are all enjoying the class, but one will stand out to be remembered.

Yesterday it was so lovely to see the reaction to a mum when her childĀ did a first off, which was to stand up, and then another first and started walking. Although we take for granted that a child will eventually walk, this was a little different in so far as it has been a long journey to ever get to this moment. This wonderful little girl had been born very premature and had only weighed a couple of pounds if that. The reason she was so prem, was her mum had been in a car crash from a joy rider, who I don’t think even had insurance.

Was it because she was comfortable in my class (I really would like to think so), or was it the power of music who knows? But not only was it a first that she stood up, and then a first that she walked, but what finally melted my heart was the fact that it was a first she did to me….which was blow a kiss to me as she was leaving the class….magical

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