Kate Codrington, owner of PAPA Pregnancy and Parenthood
shares her thoughts with us

I attended a wonderful ‘Being and Stillness’ yoga workshop last weekend lead by my friend and PAPA colleague Claire Murphy. The benefits have been with me all week.

Autumn and winter is the natural time for withdrawing inward and the meditative pace of Claire’s yoga workshop last weekend made me notice how little time I spend being still, I don’t think it is just me, our lives, especially as women, are increasingly defined by how busy we are; a ticked off to-do list and multitasking is the order of the day.

In our society the yang/busy-ness is approaching pathological levels at the expense of the resting/yin so much so that we are driving ourselves to crisis. This Yang energy is vital for our survival but cannot be sustained without the yin – resting, reflection and digestion to complete the cycle.

It makes me wonder what we are afraid of; what are we avoiding by jamming every corner of our lives with stimulation and activity?

For Mothers especially there’s the guilt that stalks us when we’re not tending to our babes. Are we afraid of the emptiness? Our feelings of inadequacy or isolation? And who are we without the role of mother anyway?

It’s worth taking a moment to see what comes up for you. Whatever emerges, you will need to have access our trust that things will be OK.

I’m lucky, my massage work brings me to a wonderfully still, peaceful place, but as I am (so far) unable to sustain a meditation practice, I’m taking micro-breaks –minutes of mindfulness through my day.

I am fascinated to know how much stillness and being you are able to weave into your life and the issues it brings up for you. Feel free to comment or get in touch by email on kate@pregnancymassage.me.uk


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