So as I quickly write this post, I am a mum with this situation on my hands, where my daughter is in bed, and has been there all weekend and feeling rather unwell. At least she still has her appetite, so is having some soup and bread, but head ache and pains is not something she would like on the menu.

I suppose I am lucky in a sense that although we don’t like our children to be unwell, at least with her being a teen, she can probably amuse herself with technology for a bit, in between sleeping, but what about a toddler? How can you keep them in bed and worse still keep them from not getting too upset before they become well again?

One little tip you might find useful is collecting a treasure box of little items and hiding it away for this very situation. Things they may enjoy are buttons, seashells,stickers and there are a whole host of little party treat items like colouring books, little pencils, you can pick up in the pound shops, all sorts of things you might even find in a Christmas cracker (now you will know to save these treasures when Christmas comes rather than popping them out with the rest of the junk!)

These little “treasure boxes” can also be made in advance and taken on long flights, so if you have say a 4 hour flight, then perhaps 4 little treasures could come out once ever hour? It’s amazing how kids behave when they are bribed!

What’s going in your treasure box? Do let me know

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