Gosh I was really annoyed last week! Now I’m not going to be unprofessional here, but let’s say, without mentioning names, at least over 2 years ago, I used to go to a particular nursery each week to do a music session with the children.

It was great, everything fine, till it got taken over, sold on, and my services no longer needed by new management.  Then last week, I happened to meet the original owner whom I had worked quite close together in developing the sessions when she used to be the owner, and she said she was glad to see I was still carrying on there. The bottom line was, no I had not done a music session there in over 2 years or more, but this nursery had my name and details on their website saying I called there each week! Basically using my name, and reputation as a selling point increasing numbers to their group.

Which begs the question, if they were “lying” to parents, advising that I attend there, then what other lies do they pass on as well? I wonder do they really have dance lessons, and other various things they say they do with the children, do they in fact happen at all?

It got me wondering how many possible nurseries out there also give false information to parents? Before we think, oh I’m sure Offstead wouldn’t allow that to happen, I bet if the Offstead Inspector turned up on a day I was “supposed” to arrive, I guess there could be a bit of a cover up there too, and pretend I was sick, or busy else where.

So next time you think of picking a nursery on the bases they they do in house dancing, or singing, or French lessons, or go to goodness knows what, perhaps be slightly cautious as you find that’s possibly not the case! Have you ever come across this yourself?

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