Is Your Child A Genius?

Have you heard about the Mozart effect? What is incredible about Mozart? Simply that he had created his first symphony at the age of five or six years old! How amazing is that? As parents, we look at our own child. We wonder what will they grow up and do. One thing is certain, there is little doubt that you as a parent will have a massive impact on your child’s development. Perhaps it’s worth investigating the Mozart effect indeed.

After all you are their first teacher when they come into the world. You hold your precious child, knowing the huge responsibility you have. The decisions you make today will basically mould, create, effect their future. We all want the best for our child and the best possible chances for them.

Where do you start?

But there is so much out there to know where to start! With so many choices to make and so much information nowadays. What with big shiny adverts telling you this and that. It really can be hard to know the right thing to do. When the rules change it makes it harder too in knowing what to do. We are told by health professionals one thing Then it changes to another. Perhaps you are listening to grand parents saying “in my day we didn’t do that” and wondering where do you start.

Music is the start

Yesterday I was chatting in the local hairdresser in Uttoxeter to a mum. We chatted about Little Hands Music. She goes to the usual play groups locally but also wanted to go somewhere else. As well as playgroups she wants to have that real quality learning time with her young child. I advised her that she could have the best of both. She could have unstructured play and social time at her mums and toddler groups which is also very important. I really enjoyed going to my local groups when my daughter was little.  I look back fondly at the memories we created and the friends I made.

Variety Is Important

But equally it is worth having a variety of things to go to and lots of different experiences for your child.  The very important music time cannot be stressed enough when it comes to child development. My hairdresser decided to book there and then when I explained to her what we do.

The Mozart Effect

Why Little Hands Music?

For example at Little Hands Music her daughter will first learn to grow in confidence (as each session is specifically planned to help with social skills, speech, listening, turn taking). Of course there are loads instruments and new songs to learn, as well friendships to make.

Mozart Effect

Whilst we were chatting we got on to the subject of the music that she listens to with her child. Music is on at home, and in the car and I mentioned the Mozart effect to her. This was something she had not heard of before. It’s something I have noticed a lot of parents are unaware of. I suggested she googled it to find out more. In a nutshell there was a study done about the effects that his music had on the brain and the positive impact it has on both adults and children.

Music Effects All Of Us

Furthermore there is a lot of debate about this subject when you google it on line. I decided whilst typing this blog to have a bit of Mozart playing in the background. I must admit personally I found it a bit irritating and I don’t know if it is because of the actual music piece that I was playing. However on reading further about the effect of music it would seem that for it to work then you need to be playing a piece of music that you like.

Music Is The Way To Go

Either way with the debate still around the Mozart effect, one thing is clear. Music is great for all of us and playing it and singing certainly does have positive effects even if we don’t all turn out genius like Mozart. You can also try out this tip:

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