Each month will feature a mum from music, and what better way to start it off than to feature Claire  and a huge big thanks to both herself and Tim her husband for all their painstaking effort in trying to help me finally get this website out to the world.  Tim owns Thunderhat Web Design in Staffordshire, I definitely recommend Tim, and lets support local businesses,  (have a look at his website when you get a minute!) or if you want to chat to me in class about it please do so.

Anyway, back to Claire, (Sorry Tim its mums time now!) the page is over to you

What would you like to say to the world? Tell us something about yourself…maybe about motherhood / your girls / your job ???

I’m 31, have lived in Staffordshire most of my life, but spent three years living in Birmingham while I did my degree in English, Drama and Education Studies.  I’m married to Tim, who I met at school, and we have two beautiful daughters, the eldest is 3 and the youngest will celebrate her first birthday this Christmas Eve (yes, excellent timing but at least it wasn’t Christmas Day!). My main job is as a mum to two very energetic little girls, but I also work 3 days a week for Staffordshire County Council doing data collection and analysis (which is honestly not as boring as it sounds!)


When you are not a very busy mum (if ever) what do you like to do? your personal Indulgence?

Well, I have very little time for indulgences at the moment, but my idea of heaven is a good book and a nice bottle of wine!  I used to read a lot but children got in the way so I don’t read much nowadays.  I enjoy baking, which is good because it’s something I can do with the kids, and am going to start a sugarcraft course in the new year.


Have you a very different life now to pre mum? Have you any stories about places you have been to or famous people you met, or related to?

The main difference in my life now is the lack of time I seem to be forever rushing round and doing half a job on things!  I really don’t know what I did with my time or money before I had children. Pre-children I went to the cinema and theatre a lot, don’t really get much time for that now.  Famous people I have met Robbie Williams many years ago, I was very young and got very shy and tongue-tied.  Unfortunately though I have never met the rest of Take That!


When the girls grow up a bit more, and you have more time have you any plans?

I would like to take a few holidays in more interesting places. I would love to visit Egypt one day.


Are you a hoarder or a de-clutterer?

Definitely a de-clutterer unfortunately my husband is a hoarder and my children are just messy, so I am unable to create the Zen, clutter-free environment I would like to live in!!


Anything about motherhood you would like to share? What has been the best tip you were given that you would pass on to others?

It’s a clich but you really should enjoy every moment because it absolutely flies by.

Also, bedtime routines are invaluable my first daughter had colic, and we spent three months walking endlessly up and down between 6pm and 10pm every single night. Somebody suggested a bedtime routine as soon as we introduced one (bath, story, feed, bed), we got our evenings back.

My tip would be go to music classes with Joan!  my eldest has learnt so much through the classes, colours, shapes, numbers, all about rhythm, it really has helped her development so much.


Whats your loves Whats your hates

Loves Books, chocolate, Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Audrey Hepburn films (especially Sabrina), theatre, sleep.

Hates Rudeness -no excuse for it, it costs nothing to be civil!  Also, I have developed a hatred of The Wacky Warehouse  (more specifically, birthday parties at the Wacky Warehouse!) over the last couple of years.

And finally Where do you shop (I don’t mean Tescos or Asda) I mean when you go Christmas shopping anywhere in particular worth a visit? And where is a great place to take kids (other than music with mummy of course!!)

The Trafford Centre is brilliant for shopping although gets very busy in the run up to Christmas.

Amerton Farm is always good for the kids the playbarn there is great.  Splash Landings at Alton Towers is also a great swimming pool for little ones.

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