What a beautiful Christmas present

This December Mum of the Month features Zoie  from our Mayfield class. I think she deserves a medal this month because she managed to come to music after the journey she recently had with her little girl who came to music at 5 days old.

She delivered her little girl in the front seat of her car, on her way to Derby Royal Hospital. Daddy was driving “rather fast” and getting to the hospital before the ambulance!  So mum and baby arrived there with just a tens machine for labour.

What can you say about the experience? It’s true what they say, the second child comes quicker than the first and it’s all over in a blink of an eye.
What is your passion,/ hobbies? If you had the time and could do anything what would you do?  What I really enjoy doing is writting kids stories. I’ve written four short children’s stories. One of them is about a fairy ring. You know when you go into a field and there are small “rings” of grass? Well in one of these rings, these children jump  into it, and it takes them on a magical journey into a fairy land.  I have also written one adult book which is on the romantic side. I hope to maybe get them published at some point.
What did you used to do prior to giving birth in the car? I used to be a full time nanny. I come from Liverpool, lived there for 29 years before moving to Ashbourne 3 years ago. So in the past three years I’ve moved from being a city girl to the country, got married and had 2 kids!
Are you are hoarder or de-clutterer?  I tend to hoard things for a couple of months and then after that if I haven’t used them they go.
From your nanny experience, and mummy experience, what would be your hot tip to parents? If you are unsure about something, do your homework, listen to other parents’ advice, research the internet, read the books, but most importantly trust your own instincts. It’s amazing how we all have these inbuilt instincts inside of us, use them!
Zoie comes to music in Mayfield and takes her son each week to music and has never missed a session. Her little girl came along after 6 days and plans to come to the tiny baby class starting in January when she is about 6 weeks old. Well done again Zoie and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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