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Paper Plate Activity – Fun For All

pp-farm-animals-1-390x292Paper plate activity: best of the best. Part of a fun activity which can keep your toddlers very busy over the holidays! Rather than having a boring time at home with nothing to do, maybe treat yourself to something creative with your toddler.

During our classes, we are in the early process of switching to our ‘farm’ theme and leaving our old theme for later. Including many new songs and activities, this will go into action over the next few weeks for the toddlers. It’s great to witness seeing many enthusiastic parents helping children carry out projects of the upcoming theme at home after their music class.

You can always see the delight on the child’s face and the pleased look on the parent’s face. It is great knowing that they’ve been able to give them another happy memory.

The Idea

A nice idea that I had found out from Ganz World involves the making of an adorable farm animal mask with your child. Our creation is from paper plates, cardboard from a cereal box, or white card. Your child is also learning as they go along which is an added bonus and something to be pleased with. Who doesn’t love creating new things?

Farm animal fun helps them to learn their colours, the names of the animals they make, the sound of the animal and much more. Some of my customers use this fun activity to help their child develop, whilst showing off their mask at my next class.

How It Helps

All children love to show off what they’ve done, this helps them to enjoy their time whilst building their self esteem and confidence. Who doesn’t love showing off something they’re proud of? This helps their confidence levels and helps them to be happy with what they accomplish.

Colouring your mask in a fantastic variety of colours is very fun for children; they can unleash their imagination and become wild and free with happiness. Colour. Glitter. Paint. Go all out and make it the best farm animal ever! It may look like the weirdest farm animal, but you won’t regret it; while looking at a green pig or blue cow, they’re looking at a Van Gogh masterpiece. It’s a fun and stress-free game, which I’m sure will appeal to both parent and child. Full details of this activity can be viewed at

Overall, this activity is for fun and pleasure and getting more happiness out of your child, along with quality time for the family. As a result,  you’ll feel pleased as a parent that you’ve made your toddler happy, whilst also helping to develop their brains and teach them a variety of new topics.

Maybe they only learn due to having fun; either way we’re just happy to make them happy too! It’s really rewarding seeing your child smile up at you, lets go and make those memories. They will probably be thankful in the future to have those memories with you, so it’s time to make lots of them. The more memories you have, the more you and your child can look back at together. Most of all, go all out! Nothing needs to be perfect, it’s all about a good time here. Everyone will have fun doing this paper plate activity, so go all out!

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