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Parenting. This without a doubt is one of the hardest jobs you can do. Goodness those little ones know how to put our patience to the limits. My observational skills have improved whilst interacting with babies and toddlers during work, helping to reflect on the problems some parents have faced.

Instinctively, I have watched and listened to both a parent and child’s behaviour in a supermarket in Uttoxeter. I observed how the child pushed the basket and overhead him saying that it was a boat. His mother, on the other hand, became agitated at this behaviour and ignored him. She ignored his comments and told him to lift the basket and to hurry up.¬†As he slowly did so, he said under his breath something about a digger and then started to wheel it. It was at this moment that his mother tapped him on his backside and said to stop misbehaving.

It is difficult being a parent and I do appreciate that. I’ve had my share of dashing around the supermarket as though my hair caught fire, then rolling my eyes whilst my daughter wanted me to still hurry up. Certainly, I don’t profess to be the perfect parent, however I still wonder if there is a solution for an easier and happier lifestyle.

Is it not better to take a step back and reflect on our parenting skills?

Children are only that small for a short period of time – we need to remember and cherish that fact. Perhaps if that mother had stopped and acknowledged the ‘boat’ her son was trying to show her, it would have been okay. Could she have carried on without the frustration that she had been previously feeling? Nobody can ever know for sure; the past is something that can never be changed, however, the past is what builds our future.

Of course it’s easier said than done and I guess that’s why they have on-line shopping which might be a better idea all round!


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