Look, I know you are busy, so I’ll try to keep this short. I hear it sooo many times, “we do loads of stuff with our first one but then we just don’t have the same time for the second child”. Ok, let’s be clear here – if you are a parent with a second, third, baby, what activites are you doing for them?
If you are just taking them around in their car seat whilst child number one does swimming lessons, ballet, gardening and 101 different activites (when really they probably don’t need to do that many and in fact scientists have also said it can be more harmful in the long run to do tons of activites and not allow them downtime to just do “nothing” )…but, ok if that’s the case, then child number two is really not getting that much from it?
Just be aware, the first year in a baby’s life is communication – yep, sorry, you just have that first year to really make a BIG difference to their communication. Scientists have said it, researched it, and if you don’t believe me, check it out yourself on the net, look at the “window of opportunity baby development”, and I hate to tell you but also the older child usually speaks up for the baby, so the baby is not given the chance to develop their communication. Please, don’t leave it too late to come to the baby music classes which are all happening in Staffordshire and Derbyshire. They come as young as 6 weeks!!! – yes, very young babies can start these music classes!! Please make that time, and give your second, child the same chances that the first child had when they were just a baby. Just a half hour class of great quality time and will help your child with so many areas of development.

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