19587138-the-word-everything-on-a-to-do-list-on-a-dry-erase-board-to-remind-you-of-your-tasks-priorities-goal-2Lets face it, parents have sleepless nights, when your baby or toddler keeps you awake, but also when you are thinking of the huge “to do” list ahead this holiday season or preparing your toddler’s birthday, which can keep you awake even more.

Here are a few tips for parents to try and get back in control and not feel so overwhelmed. If nothing else at least reading this, you will know there is at least one other person in the world that feels overwhelmed.  Hopefully you find it useful whether or not you are a parent of a young baby or toddler.

1. Get it out of your head and onto paper, so write down everything that needs to be done, which will probably be at least 30 things? Play some of your favourite music in the background, or perhaps some nursery rhymes to keep your little one happy as really that’s what parents want to have, is a happy child.

2. From your list just pick 3 things to do that are the urgent tasks and focus on just getting those 3 things done. If you only get one of those things done, then carry over the other 2 for the next day.

3. If like me this morning you are trying to do paperwork, try to make it a rule to only handle that piece of paper once so you don’t shuffle it from one place to the next. Deal with it, and move on.

4. Try to set a task for about 20 minutes to half hour and then stop and move on to something else. If you have all day to do something then usually it will take all day. It’s funny how much we get done when there is a deadline and certainly as parents we know about deadlines when it comes to nap time for our baby, as that’s probably the time we use to catch up on things too.

5. Another idea you might find helpful is to write one task per sticky note, just one thing that needs doing, pop it on a notebook page on the right and as it gets done, you move the piece of paper to the left. Watch the notes mount up as you work your way through your to do list, and give yourself a reward when you get at least some of it done.

6. Stop saying “I only” so in other words give yourself a pat even if it’s only one item you can tick off your to do list.

Have you found this useful or can you suggest other ideas and ways that you deal with overwhelm?

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