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Our Social Activities Involving a Runaway Horse

Who doesn’t love fun social activities? Earlier this year, our parent and toddler picnic had a sudden turn when out of nowhere a horse charged past us. He had no ride and was completely rogue; if it wasn’t for our hero, dad Angus, who knows who’d have stopped it.

He saved the day by calming the horse and finding the rider who had fallen off. She had disappeared into the woodland never to be seen again.

I was so pleased that so many lovely families turned out today in support of our picnic and toddler walk. It was a fantastic turnout, even with the heavy rain we had previously received earlier that morning. Being greeted by many babies and toddlers from my classes is a very happy feeling. It made Ramblers Retreat, a good walking area, happy and upbeat. Everyone was there; the babies, toddlers, mums, dads, grannies and more!


The grass was quite wet from the previous rainfall but we managed with thankfully no wet children or behinds! It was fantastic how lovely the day had turned out, despite earlier on – there was lots of sunshine too!

Ramblers Retreat is a beautiful area in Staffordshire, perhaps on the edge of Derbyshire too. Horribly there was a forest fire not too close to us, roughly 15-25 football pitched areas were destroyed.

Finding Time to Feed the Wildlife

IMG_0001Managing to feed the ducks is always fun activity; children always enjoy it, as long as they aren’t bitten. We were surrounded by ducks, geese and swans once the breadcrumbs were out of the bag. I must say, swans are such graceful creatures; their pure white feathers that flutter in the wind look so amazing. The power beneath their wings always makes the infants look in awe on the magnificent beast in front of them.


Dimmingsdale photo Stoke Sentinel

A fantastic afternoon was had by all and some have asked me to set another date soon. It was great to see so many had come and I already have ideas of our next ramble. Days like this always puts a smile on my face, watching families share their happiness with a memory that will never disappear.


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