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A fun paper plate activity With Your Toddler

Spring has finally arrived in Uttoxeter and the baby and toddler classes are ready for creations. A toddler will do what a toddler does best, be adventurous and open minded whilst thinking lots of creative thoughts.

Hopefully the weather will get warmer soon, but if your young toddler is stuck in doors and you’re tearing your hair out wondering what to do to keep them amused, here is a simple activity.

This is something we did in class a while ago, and you might like to try it at home.I don’t know who has had more fun, the toddlers, myself or their parents and grandparents. It is lovely seeing how confident the toddlers are growing and watching how they run to me and are singing along to the new songs they have learned. Slowly but surely their rhythm and listening skills are improving week by week.

Help Your Toddler’s Development

I found this activity at and maybe you could try this at home with your toddler. All you need is a paper plate, (or cut out a half circle of card from an old cereal box) some brown paper cut into strips. You could use kitchen grease proof paper? (which either you or your child could do depending on their age and experience) and lots of glueing and sticking.

This activity is great for your toddler as not only does it help with their fine motor skills (these are the skills they use for example when their thumb and forefinger hold a pencil or pick up a pebble off the sand) but it’s a nice bonding time for your and your little one. Maybe have your camera on stand by to take a photo to keep as a memory (but don’t let that be the main focus! If it’s only for a Facebook moment don’t bother)

Have a great week with your child, and don’t forget to sing!

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Let me know if you try this activity and how it went. Would you like more ideas to do at home? Perhaps you might like to join one of our toddler classes in Uttoxeter. Just email me to check availability and I look forward to seeing you at one of our classes

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