LITTLE HANDS MUSIC is a structured programme of pre-school music education. These baby and toddler music classes are designed specifically for children age about 15 months to four years and is a series of weekly, friendly toddler music classes. The aim is to teach basic aspects of music to young children, all through fun.

What Happens? You May Well Ask

Each half term, there is a new musical theme (e.g. Funny Bugs) and in that 6/7 week block children would learn about a different bug, example a spider, butterfly, in each session, with all music and props linking to that particular bug for that week. One of the main new songs learned that session would get carried over the following week, to reinforce the learning, so although each week is fresh and new repetition of the theme helps children to learn through music. At the end of the block the children will have learned or become more familiar with their world around them. Visual aids are also used, as are lots of different instruments; dancing, puppets, parachutes, and lots more.

During some songs children all have the same type of instrument (example claves or drums), to collectively play as a group, but then with other songs they get to choose from a vast range of different instruments and the opportunity to experience lots of different musical sounds.

In addition there is lots of dancing, up and about. Because toddlers do not want to sit for long, the classes are structured in getting them to learn to sit and listen, but also grow in confidence with movement  and dancing.

Classes Are Kept Small

Classes are specifically kept small in number to allow children to feel secure, and it helps them form new friendships. There can be waiting lists, so it is advisable to put your name down as soon as you can which will help to ensure you have a space once it becomes available.

Please do contact me below for a chat and see you and your little one at a class near you and join in the fun together.

Music Classes Uttoxeter

Music classes are run Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, and last 30 minutes. Furthermore parents can join half way through a block if there is a space available and pay for the remainder of the term.

Contact me below for to join a class near you

The Objectives of the classes are:

To encourage the idea that music is for pleasure and a social activity. To encourage early listening skills, so vital in development for not only music but all learning. To help develop a sense of rhythm through percussion, movement, and various props. To encourage social skills, sharing, taking turns, listening to each other, eye contact. To promote and develop language skills To enhance bonding between parent and child and create lasting happy memories. To promote early training in singing and in gaining confidence. Learn to count and alphabet sounds through singing and music, and rhymes Stimulate brain development through pitch and tone of voice through singing Increase confidence through repetition of various actions, hello song, instruments, good bye song. Help develop imagination through props and puppets. Learning about the world around them through the various structured themes. Most of all to have fun!!  

Other things you might like to know about the classes:

Both Health Visitors and Speech Therapists have been very impressed with the effects of these classes. Mums, dads, grandparents, child minders are all very welcome and you are not left singing on your own. Twins too are very welcome too and I will help where possible a parent if they are on their own if they need an extra pair of hands. Older siblings can bring baby along at no extra charge to older class (baby sits at the side in their car seat watching listening and learning too whilst parent can have special time with older sibling) It’s fun for you too and occasionally we go for social nights out and talk about adult things for a change.
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