treasure baskets

 Treasure Baskets!

These are the most amazing  things ever! Well that is certainly the thoughts of toddlers and those at pre-school. When a baby is born, they are hot wired to learn, wanting to discover the world around them, after all it is all totally new!

Ok, let’s cut to the chase, why are they great?
Scientists investigating child development, discovered that children nowadays are not getting exposed to the world outside like they used to do. We are all trying to be too clean! We are not letting our kids out to play, get mucky or feel different textures, ‘cause most of their play things are made of plastic. Because of this they are missing out on vital learning sensory type things. They are also missing out on just being left to make discoveries themselves. This is where a treasure basket comes into it’s own.

Treasure Baskets are so easy to start, are cheap fun. Start off with a low basket and put small items in it, stuff that perhaps you have around the house. Some examples might be different types of materials, wooden type spoons or metal measuring spoons, brushes (especially wooden brushes that have a smooth side on one side and the bristles on the other). You could have feathers, ribbons, metal blankets, metal spoons, all sorts of items from around the house.

Then sit back and watch. It is very important at this stage to just observe your child and how he/she plays with items and if you are lucky enough you might even hear your child chatting or gurgling to themselves. You don’t join in. Yep, this is one activity that you are not part of. The only reason you are there is to make sure your child is safe, because let’s face some items may go into the mouth, so make sure before you give any items to your child, that they are clean, no sharp objects, and won’t be a choking hazard. It’s common sense really.

You see, parenthood and grandparent-hood we all know can be quite exhausting at times, with trying to think of how you can help your little one, especially when indoors. They never want to sit still! There is too much to learn!


One excited mum came to my class and said she tried my suggestions and made a treasure basket last week. Her toddler doesn’t normally sit still even for a minute. She said he spent at least 20 minutes, maybe more concentrating and discovering for himself what was in his box.

Your toddler will enjoy treasure baskets right up till they go to school! So what are you waiting for? Can you let me know what you are going to put in your treasure basket? We can share lots of ideas on here and help everyone to make the most of learning


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