Child Development

Everybody wants their child to develop into the best version of themselves, who wouldn’t? Here are some tips, facts and more on how you can unlock their full potential for their future.

Some ways for development can be easily achieved during daily routines without the realisation of how much it helps your baby or toddler. For example, one useful tip is to have fun with your baby or toddler whenever you can. One way to do this is play fun games that they would enjoy.

Do so by placing them in the middle of the bed and playing peek-a-boo. To ensure their safety, use a light bed cover so that they don’t suffocate or feel scared whilst enjoying it as a game. However, don’t leave your child unattended for even a moment; this is because they can easily fall off of the bed. All babies and toddlers are sure to enjoy this game, not only do you spend quality time together, you’re developing their brains whilst making them happy.

Peek-a-boo is a really fun game that you and your child are sure to enjoy! Through playing this game, you’re teaching your child the thought that they are safe even though they can’t see you. It also teaches them that even when they cannot see you, you are always there. This game also makes your child feel secure with their surroundings as they have happy memories about where they are at that current time. This will help them in the future as they will learn to be dependent and won’t be afraid of new activities.

Above all else, make sure to have fun with you child! If you want any other ideas check out all of the others on the blog. If what you want isn’t on the blog, we also chat about them in class.

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