Monday Class Times

Boogie Babies
Little Hands Music

1.15pm till 1.45pm
2.00pm till 2.30pm

Tuesday Class Times

Little Hands Music Toddler
Boogie Babies


9.30am till 10.00am
10.15am till 10.45am



Tuesday Classes


Start date     10th September 2019



Tuesday Classes
11 weeks 2019


No class 17th or 24th September
Half term 29th October

Start date     10th September
Term finishes 10th December

Uttoxeter Class Information

Classes are held on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning in Uttoxeter in Staffordshire. It’s worth having a drive or walk beforehand to find the hall (see photo below) so you are not stressed on the day of the class trying to figure out where to park etc..

Young children, pick up on our stress, and will take longer to settle into class if they arrive late and you are stressed and it doesn’t help the class as a whole. Classes start promptly at the times stated, therefore please arrive at least 5-10 minutes beforehand to settle your child, which helps them get ready to learn. Please try not to continually arrive late. To get the most value from these sessions it is very important to be settled and ready to start. I cannot stress this enough, as it takes time for children to feel secure and more willing to sit and listen and join in with the instructions.

Is Your Child Shy?

If a child is feeling shy and arrives late, they are feeling more vulnerable and will not be willing to try new things.

Is Your Child Crazy Full of Energy?

Perhaps your child is not shy whatsoever but full of energy, in which case it is nice to give them that 5 -10 minutes to run round and explore and release that energy and then they are more willing to sit and listen.

We Are All Late At Times – That’s Life

Obviously at times things happen and we get stuck behind a tractor, or last minute nappy change or temper tantrum as we are just about to run out the door. I know the feeling. I’ve been there and worn the teeshirt. Even if your baby or toddler is falling asleep, pop them in the car or buggy and do come along.

When they hear the music they will wake up and usually quickly join in. (Obviously if they are exhausted and better off in bed, then you know best and probably give it a miss that week, but on the whole do bring them along.) Just message me and if there are spaces in a class on another day I am happy for you to swap if need be for that week. These sessions are just as much for you as they are for them, and it gets you out of the house for an hour. A change of scene always does us good and singing is great for you too!.

So do come along and settle in as quickly as possible if there is an occasion that you are late.

Great music classes that really benefit your baby/toddler and you. Meet other parents and give your baby the best start in life by giving them music! My daughter loved these classes and smiled as soon as we went in. She has come on in leaps and bounds, learning musical, physical and social skills in a fun way. Highly recommended.

Esther Allen

Mum and Teacher


Saint John Ambulance Hall


St. John Ambulance Hall

Carter Street,
ST14 8EY

Red brick building
next to Wilfred House

  Useful parking information

  • There is limited parking at St. John’s hall.
  • Paid parking – The Old Swan Hotel opposite the hall.
  • Free street parking – opposite St. John’s hall limited to one hour stay. They are pretty strict so do move before you get a parking ticket.
  • Paid parking – Asda refunded if you buy £5 goods in store. From their car park at the back walk passed the side of the large charity shop to the small housing estate,Drovers Close leads you to Carter Street 5 minute walk.
  • Free parking – Balance Street which is behind the hall, about a 10 minute walk.

Things to do in Uttoxeter

Perhaps you might enjoy the following whilst on your visit to Uttoxeter with your child:

  • Bramshall Park – Go to the main car park entrance at Bramshall for a nice swings and slides area.
  • Library  –   This is at the top of the high street, quite near to Asda.
  • Supermarkets –  Waitrose, Tesco
  • There are some cafes in the town – chat to me if you are looking for child friendly areas

Fantastic up beat class, we both enjoyed it and don’t know where the time went we were loving it so much. Will definitely be back and recommending to other mums.

Elizabeth Johnson


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