Joan Has Nearly 19 Years Experience …

Let’s face it you can’t beat experience! When it comes to running music classes you want the best for your baby or child. You can be forgiven in thinking that taking your child to a music class is just for pure entertainment  Of course there are activities available purely for entertainment and other music groups do just that. However Little Hands Music is different. Why? Because it is in fact a complete child development program disguised as entertainment. We have a strong belief that learning should be fun. The belief is that it is the best way to learn. Joan also believes that in those vital early years the best teachers are parents and grandparents or those that see the child very regularly.

Each song, each activity, prop and instrument have been developed for to help your baby or toddler with their learning. However they are having so much fun that it appears on the outside as just entertainment. Because Joan has so many years of experience she is able to give this illusion. However the fast pace of the class is meticulous planned.

Time is of the essence because your child is growing up fast. As soon as they are born their brain is programmed to learn. Scientists have proved that there is a unique window of learning that takes place and it only happens in the very first few years. Once that time goes, it’s gone forever and you do not get a second chance.
Wanting the best start for your child starts with placing your trust with someone with experience. With nearly 17 years experience in teaching babies and toddlers through music Joan has a vast wealth of knowledge that she passes on to parents. She is passionate about the effects music has on a child. As a mother herself she knows and understands what being a parent is. She understand the thrill in seeing how our children are so fascinated about the world around them. She also very much understands the feeling of isolation and the need for reassurance that when we ask that question as a parent “am I doing it right?” we don’t want to be judged, but have a gentle nod or suggestion in how perhaps we can do things a bit better. Having spoken to hundreds of parents and grand parents over the years, Joan has come to appreciate the vulnerability in all of us. She has met every type of parent, with every type of parenting skill.

She can very quickly assess a class and understand the mood of the group. Sometimes she may have the exact same lesson plan prepared for a class and yet the reaction is very different within groups. This is because some groups may be more energetic than others, or perhaps some may be a small group that feel more self-conscious.

Because she writes and records all the music and lessons plans

it means that each class is uniquely tailor made. Although each and every class is meticulously planned to give the best educational experience possible, there is freedom to change the plans within each session depending on the mood of each class. There is no rigid lesson plan to have to follow. For example if the lesson plan was to show young children or babies a particular sitting or laying down activity and it was clear that they wanted to dance instead, then Joan can quickly pick up on the mood and change it accordingly. This gets the best from the group as a whole . This only comes through her years of experience with working with 100s of babies, toddlers and parents.

If for example a particular class seems more energetic than expected, Joan can quickly change the music to a more energetic plan, but still keep to the educational values within the class. This has come with her years of experience in feeling and knowing quickly how to react to the mood of the class.

Child Led Classes Create Greater Involvement

Equally with this freedom comes a greater input from the young children she teaches as she also allows them on occasion to decide on the activity or song choice as part of the session. Allowing the session to be child led and deciding on which song they would like to hear, or dance allows them to become more involved with learning and this makes Little Hands Music totally unique.

Sometimes a particular activity is planned with the expectation with the lesson plan of it lasting just a moment. However children become so involved with the activity or song that they want it to continue and carry on longer than planned. This is what makes Little Hands Music totally unique as this flexibility allows the activity to carry on.


To ensure your child gets a rich start in music and child development she constantly keeps up with latest developments and courses. She has completed and qualified in the following.

  • She is fully Enhanced DBS checked.
  • NSPCC program in Child Protection Awareness in Education.
  • Delivering the revised EYFS.
  • Completed the Children’s Rights programme for NSPCC.
  • Treasure baskets and holistic play
  • Speech and Language course for Pre-school children with Elklan.
  • Paediatric First Aid trained
  • Fully insured having public liability insurance.

She is on the framework with East Staffordshire Council, and awarded through a tender process of having taught children at their Children Centres around the county for more than 5 years.

From Musician, Artist to Mum, Joan Wallington

After her daughter was born 16 years ago, Joan wanted to be the best mum possible.  However she didn’t know the first thing about motherhood. In fact when she changed her daughter”s nappy the first time, and lifted her up into her arms her nappy promptly fell off! So, you can imagine what it was like. Knowing her daughter was totally dependant on her for everything was a huge responsibility. She had no family or friends around to give her advice as she had just moved to the area. Her husband had long hours at work.

She started her journey reading every book she could lay her hands on to do with motherhood. From weaning to trying to get her daughter to sleep (no easy task getting up 8 times a night for 2 months!!) and every child development book she could find.

Music Journey

On their journey together they discovered music and learned about the window of opportunity. It truly is amazing how music effects us all There is scientific proof now showing us how it is certainly something we need in our lives to keep us happy and healthy. In so many ways a fantastic route in helping young children develop their speech, language and confidence to name a few.


She is a self-taught musician, writes and records all the music, and the lesson plans based around the EYFS. These classes are meticulously planned.  She is also a self taught artist, and is currently writing, illustrating and publishing a nursery rhyme book story through an award scheme from The Art Council. You can view her art through